Ventouris Marble ltd export all greek marbles since 1968 . Some of our products : Thassos White Marble , Thassos White tiles , Thassos white slabs , Volakas Marble , Volakas marble slabs , Volakas Marble tiles , Vanilla Marble , Vanilla Marble slabs , Vanilla marble tiles , Alivery marble , Alivery tile, Alivery slabs, Livadia black marble , Livadia black tiles , Livadia black slabs , Naxos marble , Naxos tiles , Naxos slabs and all greek white marble , greek semi white marble , greek pink marble , greek beige marble , greek various marble . Ventouris Marble ltd was stablished in 1968 . For more than 45 years we have produced marbles for embasis , palaces , temples , monuments , and buildings. Our experience,and our modern machinery can manage every project with the best quality in very short time. We have a lot of satisfited customers all over the world . The world marble derives from the greek “μάρμαρον”(marmaron) and it is a metamorphic rock derived from limestone, composed mostly of calcite Ancient greeks used marble in their architecture . They created some of the most famous sights of the world like Acropolis , Parthenon,elgin marbles and so many others .